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    CR3000A COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH function is to mimic diesel engine ECU (Engine Control Unit), while providing Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens common rail system control signal (CP1 / CP2 / CP3 / HP3 / HP4 / DELPHI), driven high pressure were rail and high-pressure common rail injector pump to work, drive signal parameters users can set their own situation, and kept in groups for easy maintenance personnel working on the high-pressure common rail system and maintenance of the state to judge.


    1, support high-speed solenoid valve common rail injector at the same time, and support for third-generation common rail technology, piezoelectric crystal high-pressure common rail injector (optional feature);

    2, 6-channel common-rail injector;

    3, support a variety of rail pressure sensor (BOSCH / DEOSN / DELPHI);

    4, the intelligent PID algorithm, more accurate pressure control;

    5, two aspects of the short-circuit protection hardware and software, themachine is more reliable;

    6, multiple language options side, Chinese / English / Russian;

    7, security designed to prevent operator misuse, use more secure.

    Technical parameters

    1.Main motor speed: 0-4000r/min can be adjustable.

    2.Motor power: 7.5kw,11kw,15kw,18.5kw optional.

    3.Fuel injector open voltage control range: 12V,80V, 150V

    Control accuracy:phase adjustment

    4.Injector opening frequency control: 0-1000HZ

    Control accuracy:1HZ

    5.Fuel injector hold time control: 0-65535us

    6.Delivery Oil count control: 0-1000 times

    Control accuracy: 1times

    7.Fuel pressure control control:0-2000bar

    Control accuracy: 1bar

    8.Electronic power: 3 Phase 380V or 3 Phase 220V

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