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HO-L800 Fully automatic refrigerant recovery & recycling machine
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  • product description:
  • This is a refrigerant recoverying/recycling/recharging equipment design for R134a A/C system. The unit mainly used in automobile service stations,automobile production line ect.

    It is easy to connect the quick connectors of high/low pressure refrigerant to the automobile air-conditioner system.One can perform pipeline cleaning and all repairs without pipe removing and replacing.
    It is efficient, time saving and labor saving.

    Main functions

    1. Leakage diagnosing and detecting in the refrigeration system

    2. Refrigerant reclaiming

    3. Refrigerant recycling

    4. Vacuuming

    5. Refrigerant filling

    6. Refrigerant oil supply

    Main Features:

    *Full automatic mode  
    *Recovey/Recycling (drain used oil)
    *Vacuum                        *Refill new oil                 *Recharge 
    *With database serach*Data print.
    *With imported brand compressor to make excellent efficient.(SC15G, DANFOSS brand)
    *Condenser and cooling fan included
    *It employs high-duty vacuum pump.
    *High-precision electronic scale weighs the refrigerant filling and reclaiming.                                                                      *Specific interface for small container of coolant supply
    *Its purification & filtration system efficiently ensures recovery of used refrigerant.
    *Simple pipeline connection.Operation starts once the hose of the machine is connected to the interface of the air conditioner yet to betested.
    *Compact construction and parts versatility help repair and maintenance.

    Technical Parameter
    *Power supply:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
    *Compressor:SC15G, DANFOSS brand
    *Condenser and cooling fan included
    *Recovery rate:97%,stop at 0 bar automatically
    *Vapor refrigerant recovery speed:350g/min
    *Liquid refrigerant recovery speed:250g/min
    *Charge speed: 1500g/min
    *Vacuum speed: 7200L/Hour
    *Vacuum pump: double stage 2L pump
    *Dry filter:600ml
    *Max. refrigerant weight in gas cylinder:10kg
    *Load cell accuracy for gas cylinder:±5g
    *New/old oil bottle capacity:250ml
    *Max work pressure:17.5bar
    *Database search
    *Data Print
    *Gross Weight: 130kg

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