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HO-L900 Bus A/C refrigerant handling system
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  • Product Category: Products A/C Refrigerant Work Station
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  • Model HO-L900 For Heavy-duty (bus, railway, train) A/C refrigerant reclaim and recycle, hunt leakage, vacuum, charge refrigerant, and supply refrigerant oil.
    **Specific interface for small container of coolant supply.
    **Compact construction and parts versatility help repair and maintenance.
    **Large LCD display offer operation & service prompt.
    **Various alarming and protection programs.
    **High-precision electronic scale weighs the refrigerant filling and reclaiming.
    **Its purification & filtration system efficiently ensures recovery of used refrigerant.

    *Power supply:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
    *Compressor:SC21G, SECOP brand
    *Condenser and cooling fan included
    *Recovery rate:97%,stop at 0bar automatically
    *Vapor refrigerant recovery speed:350g/min
    *Liquid refrigerant recovery speed:250g/min
    *Charge speed: 1500g/min
    *Vacuum speed: 1000g/Min
    *Vacuum pump efficiency: 14400L/Hour
    *Dry filter:600ml
    *Max. refrigerant weight in gas cylinder:22.7kg
    *Load cell accuracy for gas cylinder:±5g
    *New/old oil bottle capacity:300ml
    *Max work pressure:20bar
    *Dimension(cm): 105x77x148cm
    *Net Weight: 150kg

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